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Why is WordPress so complicated?

Sometimes I get asked the question ‘why is WordPress so complicated?’ and my answer is always the same – everything is complicated or hard unless you know how to do it. Think back to your driving test, did you just get in the car for the very first time just before your test and expect to know it all and pass with flying colours? There’s probably a few that could but generally most of us spend time learning how to drive beforehand.

why is wordpress so complicated

Now I’m being totally honest here when I first heard about WordPress I took one look and dismissed it straight away. There was no start here guide and I really didn’t have any clue where to start. This was back in 2008, at the time I had a party ideas blog that I had run for the last year.

I first built the site on a website template builder that was really restrictive, all the sites built with it looked identical and really out dated, where as I wanted fun and pink obviously! 

This led to my husband creating a website for me from scratch using code so it could look exactly how I wanted it to look, but every change had to be made by code and although through managing the blog I had to learn the basics of html and CSS any big changes had to be done by him and he just never had the time to do them.

I searched and searched for a solution that would allow me no coding, looks how I want it to and I can manage the site on my own.

As I said, I had come across WordPress before and dismissed it straight away. But then after commenting on a post on Facebook I won a place on a WordPress course.

That changed everything for me, within days!

Being shown what to do I had a website up within a week that met all my requirements and even after the first day I thought why on earth did I think this was hard it’s easier than all the other solutions I’ve used I just needed to be shown how to use it.

Fast forward a few years and a local business asked me to create a website for them, knowing I had run a blog and created my own in the past. I decided to use WordPress as all they had to do was purchase a domain and hosting (around £50 a year) and as WordPress is free if it all went wrong they hadn’t really lost a lot. 

They loved it and recommended me to another business, who then recommended me to someone else. The rest they say is history and 7 years later I have worked on over 500 WordPress websites and I’ve been able to meet the needs of everyone of my clients.

But back 3 years ago I wanted to give others the opportunity to learn how to use WordPress and create their own websites. For me having a bunch of how to videos just wasn’t enough. The course I had taken was fully supported so I decided I would run the course live and tailor the training to whoever signed up.

It was a success!

And my students loved my teaching style and how I just showed them what they needed to know for their website (and not waste time learning a bunch of stuff they would never use on their sites) and the fact that I made it so simple and easy. By just showing them where to start and creating a structured way they could follow to not only create their website vision but be able to fully manage it themselves.

If you would like to learn where to start with WordPress and more about how it works I have the perfect solution for you!

My free ‘Create a WordPress Website’ course  is the perfect place to start where I show you what you need, how to get it and set it up and how to use WordPress. Just follow the few simple videos and you will be set up TODAY!

So why is WordPress so complicated?

It’s not!

Join The Tech Tavern and let’s show you how!