Websites that WOW!

I see you…

Even though you are trying to hide

Hide away from the online world in case some says “what’s your website address?”


Do you tell them, even though you are completely ashamed of it and would rather do anything else (well almost) than give them your website address, which would obviously lead to them clicking on it and take a look at your outdated site.

The one that no longer reflects what you do, has a hideous photo of you on from 10 years ago, the copies awful, you are not even selling your services at those prices any more, has testimonials from your mother as no one else had bought anything from you then, was a botch DIY job, has glaring colours that you thought were in at the time, blah blah blah blah excuse, excuse, excuse

Oh My Gawsh!


What if your website did reflect what you do and was so amazingly you, from those precious first seconds a potential client lays eyes on it to the point where they are practically begging you to take their money and change their lives forever

Read that last paragraph again and just imagine…  aaaaaahhhhh

Back with us yet?

For a lot of people having a website is just a credibility thing, it’s there now so if anyone wants to Google you they can find you. There’s also some stuff on there that says what you do and how you can be contacted.

Basically it will do for now

And then your business grows and develops, you become more of an expert in your field, you have discovered the perfect clients you want to work with and know what makes them tick

You and your business are far more together now than when you first started out

And you want a website that shows the whole damn world not only how amazing you are but exactly how you can help potential clients transform their lives

One you can shout your website address from the rooftops because you can’t wait for people to look at it and they totally feel like they know exactly who you are and what it’s like working with you in less than a few clicks

Let’s go back to that previous paragraph:

“What if your website did reflect what you do and was so amazingly you, from those precious first seconds a potential client lays eyes on it to the point where they are practically begging you to take their money and change their lives forever”

And now let us tell you how we can help you achieve that…

Introducing Websites that WOW 

A website creation service that goes beyond prettiness, one that wows, wins you clients and is totally worth your time and money but is still beautiful and reflects both you and your brand 

Yup, it does exist!

And we are here to prove it to you!

Step 1

Simple click the Let’s Chat button and book in a date and time for your no obligation call. You will then be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return (before our call) so we can make the most our time together figuring out what you really need.

Step 2

If you decide to go ahead we will get you booked in for your first planning & strategy session. Where we figure out what’s not working now (layout, customer journey, traffic etc) and where you need to be and how to bridge that gap

Step 3

You have two weeks to provide all content for the website (text and images etc) and then we go away and work our magic on a first draft of your home page and then we book in a Zoom call so we can go through it together and make it even more fabulous (so yes you will be very involved every step of the way – we find that’s the best way for the website to totally represent you and your business)

Step 4

It’s the same process for each page on the website, for the next few weeks, until you have a website that’s totally and utterly gorgeous, totally represents you and your business AND is totally rocking that Website Success Strategy we created to bring you in more leads and clients. We will also connect you up to an email marketing system so you can start gathering leads. Other add ons such as ecommerce, online courses etc. are avaialble.

Step 5

Once we are all done we have a training session together so you know how to make simple changes on your website. During the next month you will gather feedback on your site (as it’s great to have fresh eyes!) and then we will jump back on another Zoom to look at the feedback and analytics and make some tweaks. You will also have access to email support and our tech support membership, The Tech Tavern, during this time.

Step 6

We will also catch up 2 months after your website was finished to check how things are going and reassess your strategy if necessary and make any tweaks. We will also create you a report on your actions for the next few months to continue improving your website, conversions and traffic.

Now how does that sound?

Easy? Simple? Fan bloody tastic?

Prices start at just £1497 for a 5 page website built in WordPress, using the Divi premium theme (licence included)

So if you are ready to totally rock both you and your business online let’s chat to see how we can make that happen!