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What is WordPress?

So you have probably heard of WordPress and you know that it’s to do with websites but you are probably wondering what is WordPress and why should you use it? What makes it different to other website builders? And the most important question… will it be any good for you?

what is wordpress

So, what is WordPress?

So in it’s most basic form WordPress is a Content Managment System or CMS and what it does it in simple terms is put manage your content and put’s it live up on the big ole internet.

In even more simpler terms WordPress is an easy way for you to create a website or blog without knowing any computer programming. 

However, it’s not really as simple as that. To make it confusing there are two different versions of WordPress.

The first version of WordPress is one you may find if you Google WordPress called wordpress.com. WordPress.com is a for profit company that offers a free version of their website builder but if you want to use your own domain name or make any significant customisations you will need to be on one of their paid plans.

To be able to use premium themes and plugins (which I will explain later) you are looking at a minimum of £240 a year to use their hosting and functionality.

What makes it easy is that they host your whole website so you don’t have to purchase elesewhere. So now we have gone from what is WordPress to what is hosting?! 

Hosting is where you website files are kept and like it’s competitor Wix, wordpress.com has hosting included in all it’s plans. Support and security features are also included and they monitor what plugins and themes you can use. 

Now let’s skip back a bit and you will remember I said that there are two different versions of WordPress.

The second version is totally free open source, not for profit, software and when the majority of people say they have a WordPress site this is the version of WordPress that they are talking about. 

To be able to use WordPress.org you need to purchase your own hosting through companies such as Siteground, 123 Reg, IONOS, Godaddy etc. or even us (you can purchase hosting here

Hosting prices can range from £50 upwards a year and different companies charge different prices. The prices can vary massively along with what’s included in their packages.

Which is why a lot of people get overwhelmed. But this option does gnerally (if you pick the right hosting package) work out much cheaper and wordpress.org has far better flexibility and it is quite straightforward to add your own security etc.

My choice is always wordpress.org

But what are these themes and plugins you speak about?

As I mentioned WordPress is a content managment system that get’s your content on the internet. But you want it to look nice right? And that’s where themes come in. Themes are what you use for your website layout. There are free and paid for themes as well as builders, which you can use to essentially create your own layouts.

Plugins are little bits of functionality that you can add to your website to get it to do stuff. They range from simple things such as a contact form or security to plugins that create online courses and even vendors sites (much like eBay) and about anything you can ever imagine your website doing.

Which is the reason that over 40% of the web is powered by WordPress, with Shopify coming in second at 3.9% followed by Wix at 2.5%.

So you can see the HUGE difference, which equates to around 810 million websites, with Divi being the most popular WordPress theme with around 3.8 million users.

Which, luckily for you if you are reading this blog and thinking of creating your own website or having one created for you, is what we at Wonderful World of Websites specialise in!

So, now you have gone from what is WordPress to knowing a little bit about it and if you want more we have plenty more free resources to help. Simply sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date: