Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you will naturally have questions about the design process and what happens, so we have tried to cover the most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not listed then please feel free to contact us by emailing

How long have you been in business?

Website Wonder Woman was started in July 2015, but Lisa has been making websites since 2008 for herself, such as a highly successful party blog and other websites related to businesses that she has run.

Since then Website Wonder Woman has turned into a team working on websites all over the world, creating and working on over 500 websites!

What types of clients do you work with most frequently.

We normally work with women entrepreneurs, mainly coaches or service based businesses.

But we welcome any kind of business small or large run by females or males.

May I see your portfolio?

Of course! If you want to view our portfolio then please click here. These are some of our favourite websites that Website Wonder Woman has fully created throughout the years from start to finish – although there are hundreds more that we have made over and updated.

What is your price range and do you offer payment plans?

One page websites start at £700 with a standard 5 page website starting at £2000. Ecommerce, membership site, online courses and directory facilities can also be added for an extra cost.

Please contact us if you wish to arrange a payment plan. But please note the ownership of the site belongs to Website Wonder Woman until full payment is made and your site will be created on a test site and then transferred over to you after the final payment.

What's included in your packages?

Installation and set up of WordPress

Installation of recommended plugins

A lifetime licence to the Divi premium theme

5 pages designed for you (as standard, with the ability to add more)

Mobile responsive

How to videos and an hours training

What is the process and how long will it take to get my site live?

The first thing we ask you to do is to complete a form so we can get to know a little more about you and your business and what you need from a website. We then arrange a conveniant time to chat so we can make sure you have chosen the correct package and also to answer any of your questions and make sure we are a good fit to work together.

The clients that we work with best, who’s websites are completed quicker and that they love the most are those who have some idea of what they want and are looking for in terms of design and layout – they already have a website vision!

We then send you an invoice, Data Processing form, and contract. Work will not start until these items have been completed. 

The basic setup of the website will be created soon after payment is received and you will be booked in for an hours planning session to go over ideas for the site.

We will also keep in contact with you throughout the process, to show you designs, ask questions, bounce ideas of you and also ask you to complete a set up of a certain plugin or provide content. This is usually done weekly or fortnightly via Zoom.

Your timely response in providing content is appreciated not to hold up the time it takes for your site to go live.

We aim to get your site live within 2 months but this can often be quicker – it depends on how quickly you send us your design/mock up OR choose a template and provide us with the content for your website.

We have created sites within 2 weeks, it mostly relies on whether or not you have your content ready and how quickly you get it to us.

Also you will not have full access to your website and the ability for it to be live until payment has been made in full.

How many revisions can I make during the building process?

Revisions of content are your responsibility and are able to be changed by yourself.

In terms of the design you are able to make up to 4 revisions and suggestions as we go along but once the site is finalised any further changes will be charged at our hourly rate.

Do you provide the content?

The content of the website is provided entirely by you. 

We can provide all the tech and website skills needed to create your website but no one else knows your business inside and out quite like you so all text, graphics and images need to be provided by you.

Please note it is also your responsibility to ensure that your content (including images and fonts) are not copywrite.

How many people will be working on the site? Who do I speak with / who does the building / designing?

The main website creation and training is carried out by Lisa, other services such as admin and support work are carried out by her team.

What happens if you go on holidays and I need you?

You will be informed if whoever is working on your website will be taking any holidays. 

As we build up our team we hope that this will cause minimal disruption to your sites creation.

How many sites do you work on at the same time?

This can vary, dependant on the size of the website and how complex it is but we only generally work on around 1-2 websites per month.

You are able to pay a £250 deposit if you want to secure a certain months start date for your website. 

Will we have a contract?

Yes, I will provide you with a contract and a data processing agreement that you will need to electronically sign before we start working together.

Do you build e-commerce websites, if yes, which platform will you use?


The platform that we use on all our sites is Woocommerce as we find that it is simple to use and integrates best with WordPress.

There are also so many features that you can use now and as your business grows.

Do you host the site or do I?

You will be asked to purchase a domain for your website and if you already have hosting you are more than welcome to continue to use that. If you do not have a domain and hosting then we can help you purchase that but it is not part of our packages.


Do I supply the images or you? If you, how do I know they fall under the creative commons and I am free to use them? If they will be purchased, do I get approval before you buy?

Images are supplied by you and MUST NOT BE COPYRIGHT – unless you own the copyright.

We will not accept any images taken from Google unless you can prove you own the copyright or that they are royalty free.

Good sources for free image that we use is,, or

We can, however, help you source images.

How does email work for my site?

Your email will be provided by your hosting company or via Microsoft or Gsuite.

Do you use forms? Are those forms held in a data base on my website or simply sent to my inbox?

We will add a contact form module to your website and all responses will be sent to your email address that you specify we use on setup, you must make sure that this email is also your admin email in the WordPress general settings to enable delivery. Some email addresses, such as Gmail, Aol, Hotmail etc can be seen as spammy email addresses and you may not receive a notification. We always recommend a domain email address.

All submissions are also stored on your website and it is your responsibility to configure the settings in accordance with your privacy policy and how long you hold data for.

Will you be creating any new accounts for me (Mailerlite, social media, a Gmail, etc) if yes, how do I get logins to those accounts?

If you do not have a Mailerlite or Gmail account we can advise you how to do this. Social media accounts are your own responsibility.

Do you use free or premium plugins and themes? If premium do I have the license key or do you? Will they need to be renewed at some point and if yes, how much will that cost?

All of the plugins that we use are free to use – unless there is a particular feature that you need on your site that requires a paid plugin – although this is not common for most sites. If this is the case you are responsible for purchasing that plugin unless it is available with a developers licence and we would use it on further sites.

The exception to this is if you decide on a different theme other than Divi and you wish to use the Divi Builder to build your pages (please see below).

The theme that I use on all of my website is Divi, which is a premium theme. I install Divi on your site as part of my licence.

If you wish to use a premium theme other than Divi (and that I do not have in my library of themes that I have licence to use) then it is your own responsibility to purchase that theme as it will not be included as part of your package.

Will you verify the site with Google Search Console?

We will advise you how to do this through your own Google account.

Will you install Google Analytics?

We will install the Google Analyticator plugin and give you instructions on how to link this to your Google Analytics account – which is free to set up and we can advise you on how to do this.

Once linked with your account you will be able to view your analytics on the WordPress dashboard and on Google Analytics website.

What types of security will be on my website?

Security and backups are exceptionally important on your website, as if your site is hacked you could potentially lose everything.

Plugins that will be installed on your site are:

Wordfence Security – Providing you with many security features along with alerts to any suspicious activity on your site

Updraft Plus – A free to use back up plugin that once set up backs up your site automatically

Please note it is YOUR responsibility to update and backup your site (unless you have a monthly maintenance plan) and we do NOT keep any back ups of your site if things go wrong.

This is VERY important and if anything does happen and you lose your site you are not entitled to a refund nor is it our responsibility.

How are updates handled?

Whilst your site is being designed any updates will be done by us.

Once the site is passed over to yourself you are then responsible for keeping your site up to date. This is really important to ensure your site is not only kept up to date and working in the correct order but also for security measures.

If you wish to continue having the site updated and backed up through Website Wodner Woman you are welcome to purchase my monthly maintenance plan.

What happens if my site goes down?

If there an issue with your website it is more than likely plugin related and we can take a look at this for you under our regular paid support hours. If the issue is hosting related we will let you know and you will need to contact your hosting company.

Will I have full access to the site once it is launched?

Quite simple – YES!

Until payment is made in full all websites are built on one of our test sites, then transferred to your own domain once payment is completed in full.

We firmly believe that everything to do with your website should be in your name and that you own everything – it is part of your business after all.

There are no restrictions to this, you do not have to pay Website Wonder Woman for any further services once your website is complete but we do offer additional support options.

Will I get training on using the site after it’s launched?

We provide a set of training videos showing you WordPress basics and how to edit and customise your site further.

We will also provide you with an hours Zoom call at the end of the process for you to go over any questions you may have or things that you are not sure of and need extra support with.

Please note you MUST have watched the videos first as they provide the basics and this time is better spent on something that you are unsure of not what you have aready been provided with.

What kind of support can I expect after the site is launched?

For the two weeks after your site is launched we will provide you with free email support, for anything you are not sure on or if something goes wrong.

You will get continued access to the training videos and any further changes you wish to make will be charged at our hourly rate.


What if I already have a website? Will you help me transfer it?

If you already have a WordPress site all your content will remain, even if we start the design from scratch.

If your site is on a different platform, depending on the platform sometimes you can export the content – so text and images.

Unfortunately, not all platforms allow this and it may be that the content, if you do not want new content, will need to be copied and pasted. Images work a bit differently and sometimes you cannot save them from some platforms so it’s always good to have the originals.