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How to drive traffic to your website using blogs

I always get asked about SEO and driving traffic to your website and one of the most common questions is ‘how to drive traffic to your website using blogs?’

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a long game, people obsess over it and think they can add a few keywords to their website and instantly their traffic will increase. Unfortunatly it doesn’t work that way and, unless you have a really uncompetitive key phrase, it can take months or years to actually see results, if any. 

I always recommend ongoing, monthly SEO carried out by an expert to see the most beneficial results.

But I find a great way to drive traffic to your website is through blogging.

How to drive traffic to your website using blogs

So, how to drive traffic to your website using blogs:

Although blogging will also not give you overnight success I am going to share my method of using blogs to increase my website traffic, weekly, to my website. Which in turn will improve the SEO on my website and allow the blogs to be pushed further up in the search engines so that they will continue to be read months down the line.

First things first, you will need to know what to blog about. There’s no point writing the best blog in the world if no one is interested in it and it has nothing to do with your business. So start with writing a list of keywords and phrases that relate to your business. Try and do at least 10. 

So, for example, mine could be:

  • WordPress
  • Websites
  • Websites for women
  • Blogging
  • etc.

These would be my content pillars and words that I can type into Answer The Public for it to give me ideas of what questions people are asking in the search engines that they want asnwers to.

Next I make a list of all the outputted questions that relate to each content pillar to build up a blog title list, from which I can then choose one to write about.

Then I use the question as the blog post title and write a blog answering that question. Most people don’t write fancy headlines into Google when searching for something online, it’s usually a question, a product name, some symptoms or tips for XYZ etc. 

I do sometimes add other words to the title to make it more enticing to read but the question has to be there in the exact same way Answer The Public has given it to me – as that’s what people are typing in and looking for.

Once the blog is written I then promote it on social media, posting snippets of the blog and a link over a few days and also sending it out in my newsletter and talking about it everywhere I can think of.

I set myself a challenge a while back to write one blog per week and so far I’ve increase my traffic to my website over 100 visitors per month. The more blogs I write the more visitors I get that read the new blogs and also some of the older ones!

Also with blogs they may get pushed down your blog feed on your blog page but they will always still be floating out there in the search engines for an indefinate amount of time so they never grow old.


Top Tip!

My top tip on how to drive traffic to your website is to repurpose! You can always update and re promote a blog to drive more traffic to it. Or link it to a newer blog post you write that is related.

Also ALWAYS put some type of call to action. If a visitor just reads the blog and then clicks off your website without doing anything, this actually penalises your SEO score. So give them something to do, whether that’s reading another blog post, signing up to your email list or purchasing something.

Which leads me onto if you want more tips on how to improve your website and traffic then I’d love to have you join my tech support membership, The Tech Tavern!