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Welcome to Learn Learndash!

If you have not purchased Learndash then you go do so using the link below. It is an affiliate link so I do get a commision but you are more than welcome to purchase directly.

If you are new to Learndash please complete the lessons in order as some lessons require you to have completed certain parts of the lessons previously.

If you come across something that isn’t in the course and you need a video on it then please let me know so I can add a video on it for you. This course, like technology, is constantly developingand you will always have accessto the latest version.

If you find yourself getting stuck you can always upgrade to The Tech Tavern, where you can have one months free access to group support. We have an hours Zoom call each week to walk you through anythingthat you are stuck on as well as the ability to ask questions in the group. There is no other support including email support unless there is an issue with the course.