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Are websites complicated?

Another of these burning questions I get asked – Are websites complicated? Tech is one of the biggest things that hold people, especially women, back in their businesses.

‘It’s too hard’

‘It doesn’t like me’

‘I’m not a tech person’

‘I could never do that’

Are some of the phrases I hear most often from clients before they work with me. I get it I really do, even as someone who has always been a techy person I still get really frustrated by tech.

But the getting frustrated for me is not because websites are complicated (hey, I could do them in my sleep) but things go wrong.

So many people have a fear of that, along with being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Are websites complicated?

So are websites complicated and what to do if you think they are!

I get that I can say yes websites are really easy, but it wasn’t always that way. It’s the same as anything when you don’t know how everything is hard, when you learn how to do it it becomes easy!

You didn’t just jump in a car for the first time on your driving test without ever having driven before, you were most likely taught how to drive and the rules of the road before even booking your test, let along gaining a licence.

I used to have this massive fear of numbers. Anything with numbers petrified me, so maths, finance, even numbers on a screen.

Because I just didn’t understand them. As soon I looked at anything to do with numbers my brain just shut down and I dismissed it as too hard and complicated.

I still get a bit like that but thanks to the wonderful and amazing Dominique Mullally, who I’ve been working with for the past year or so I’m starting to understand numbers and how they can work for me and my business. Dominique empowers women to become financially free and run a profitable business through learning the skills and strategy needed to understand numbers AND improve them!  As Dominique says ‘money is just maths’ a thought that terrified me when I first started working with her. But knowing what she’s taught me over the last year figuring out the maths I need helps me earn more money. It really is that simple!

We are not born knowing everything, jeez not even I know everything 😜! But we can learn and learning is the best place to start.

Take baby steps

When faced with a massive project such as a website it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of it all, what you need to have in place, what you need to learn, all these things that you have no idea of let alone understand!

So break it down, into baby steps.

Write a list of what you think you will need, what you already know you need and what things you are unsure that you need and who you can ask.

Then do one thing at a time.

I don’t just teach people the skills they need to create a website, it would be pointless if they didn’t have the confidence to use them. So it’s back to baby steps.

Do what’s easiest to you and build up from there

Don’t be afraid to try new things, failing is learning and as I said it’s learning that makes everything easier

Stop telling yourself you can’t! You can, you just may need some extra resources such as asking for help

Repeat after me:

Tech is Easy!

Tech is Fun!

That’s my mantra, so if you are wondering are websites complicated just breathe, tell yourself you can and learn or ask for help on the stuff you don’t know.

It makes them seem so much easier!