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5 reasons why you need a website

So do you actually need a website? I often get asked this so I thought I’d come up with 5 reasons why you need a website!

I hear so many people say you don’t need a website saying I’ve created a 6 figure business and all I’ve used is Google Docs or sent an email.

Do you know what, some industries don’t need a website, especially when they are starting out or when they already have a massive audience that their raving fans will buy anything they send out, however it’s sent out.

So before I give you my 5 reasons why you need a website I want you to think about why YOU need a website? Why do you want, or are contemplating a website for your business?

This is the best place to start, with your business and what you want, need and think is best.

What someone else is doing is totally irellevant to your business, espeicially if they do something totally different to you.

Local businesses, who have actual premesis may not need a website at first as they already have a bricks and mortar home for their business and a website and the online world is something they can expand into.

Some businesses are also run off social media (such as coaching type businesses) and have gained clients and then testimonials and referrals that gain them a bigger audience and more interest then pretty soon their bubble bursts as they have built a business on quicksand as they are building on a platform owned by someone else and I’ve seen many actually lose their businesses because of this.

5 reasons why you need a website

So what are my 5 reason you need a website?

You always need your own reasons and beliefs why you need a website (to make it most effective) but these are mine:

1. Credibility

I don’t know if it’s just me but if I Google a business and all they have is a Facebook page then I immediently think they are a start up business and haven’t got around to building a website yet.

Actually I did think maybe it was just me, as I work in the website industry. But no! I recently read a post, in a business group on socal media, that asked the question ‘do you need a website and why?’ There were hundreds of answers and each one stated credibilty. The people spoke!

I’ve also had client’s come to me as they have moved their business online and found people no longer give them the time of day as they no longer seem credible. I’ve also spoken to people who have wanted to work with someone but after finding out they only have a social media presence have been wary of parting with their hard earned cash due to traust and guess what, credibility issue!

2. A home for your business

As I mentioned earlier if you are a local business then your bricks and mortar premesis will start to bring you in customers. Creating a website can then give you bigger exposure and a larger audience.

But what if you are just an online business? As well as credibility you need somewhere to call home, a hub for your business that you can drive people to to make sales. So all those marketing efforts you are doing such as posting on social media, advertising, word of mouth etc. you have a central place you can send them to that your business calls home.

Starting out on social media is great, but as your business grows you need something that you own.

3. You own it

Remember that building a business on quicksand thing I mentioned? Or it could be called putting all your eggs in one basket. Relying on one thing, especially if it’s controlled by someone else is not the best way to build and grow your business.

I’ve known so may people that have lost their business or it’s suffered due to relying on one platform that’s been unexpectedly taken away from them for whatever reason, mostly accounts being deleted or reported and access withdrawn. So do I suggest you just have a website? Nope! But as I said give your business a home online and then use a variety of methods to drive traffic to that. Pick two or three that really work for you but focus on the one you own and control, not one that can be taken away from you.

4. To save you time

All those questions you get asked could be an FAQ page on your website. All those people that ask to book a call with you could be automated through your website, with pre screening questions, all those people who want to buy from you could, well… just buy!

Ultimately earning more money in the least amount of time is why we run our businesses and anything that saves us time in the long run by helping automat processes, or just by giving potential clients the ability to access information they want and need 24/7 is a huge help!

5. It's part of your overall marketing and business strategy

As I said before you need to have a reason why you want to have a website, which will then ultimately lead into your website mission (what you want people to do on your website).

Having a website that just sits there doing nothing is not doing anything for your business. By factoring your website into your marketing and overall business strategy gives it a job and something to do that will improve your business in some way.

So for example, if you are using your website to attract a bigger audience and reach more potential clients, then you can monitor website traffic, see where people are coming from, what they view and then provide content based on the keywords that get them to your website (which you can check in Google Search Console). 

Blogging and various SEO efforts can also drive traffic to your website that can be used in a measurable way (with Google Analytics) which could be part of your marketing strategy.

If you have a website then get it working for your business rather than it being left and a waste of your time!

So that’s my 5 reasons why you need a website!

I’d love to know what you think and what your reasons are for wanting a website.

Let’s chat!