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What online course can I create?

“What online course can I create” is a question I am often asked. The online world is full of business owners making money by creating online courses. It’s the dream isn’t it, spend some time creating a course and then you make money repeatedly in your sleep.

Well so they say…

What online course can I create?

The reality is actually down to what course you create, the demand for the course, the audience you are targetting, the price you are selling at, how big your audience is currently… the list goes on and on.

As well as when once you have created the course you also still need to keep it updated and continuously be driving people to it.

So technically yes you may be making money in your sleep but you also need to put in a lot of continuous work – so let’s call it semi-passive income!

But anyway, back to the question:

“What online course can I create?”

There are so many things you can do and if you search online you will see that people are creating some of the most amazing courses of things you never thought of (when Googling my favourite one was how to be a mermaid!!)

The first thing to do is to think about your current business and ask yourself:

what questions do people always ask you

what are you always getting asked to show people to do

what things are people saying to you I wish I could learn how to do this

what do you notice that people are really struggling with that you could make easier for them

online and in person are people asking the same questions or stuck on the same thing

Or it may not even be related to your business, it may be something else:

do you do something differently to other people that could make their lives so much easier

are you able to create things others would love to learn how

do you just know how to make people’s lives easier/more fun/happier/richer etc.

what skills do you have

what are your interests

Have a proper brainstorm and from the answers to these questions write a list of all the things that you can offer.

Then research, reasearch and research some more!

Has it been done already, if so are people buying it, at what price, who are they selling it to etc.

If you can’t find anything similar is there a market for it?

Just because there isn’t something out there right now doesn’t mean people don’t want it!

Ask questions, get curious, speak to your current clients.

Basically, build up a big picture and write the pros and cons for each of your ideas.

What’s next?

Now, do you just jump in and create the course? 

Once you have your list of ideas you obviously need to choose which one to do first, which one is calling to you or do you think would be most in demand?

Then it’s onto planning out your course, what content do you need and in what format?

What will you build it on

How will you market it?

Will you test it out for a lower price first?

All questions that will be answered in the rest of this online course series!

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