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What is AI and how can I use it in my business?

It’s hard to hide from the increasing presence of AI at the moment and it’s only going to get bigger. I have used AI before researching, but after attending a Digital Skills workshop recently I found out more about what is AI, the power of AI and how we can use AI in our business to help and not hinder.

What is AI

What is AI?

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence, which is basically systems to make machines and other technology think like humans. A lot of people are against AI as they believe that it will allow machines to take over the world and steal everyone’s jobs! But there are also just as many people who are now embracing AI and what it can do for them in their business. There are two type of AI: Augmented AI that can assist or help you with a task or Automated AI that is totally undertaken by AI. My recommendation to start off with is to play about with all the types of things AI can do, but depending on what you use it for it can sometimes be better to use augmented over totally automated.

What can you do with AI?

Everyday there are more and more things that you can do with AI in your business. Most people who have heard of AI have heard of Chat GPT. Chat GPT seemed to take over the world in the last year, offering free AI writing tools. If you haven’t heard of Chat GPT it’s much like. conversational tool. You ask it a question and it answers you. You can ask it to write content for your website or social media, write you a blogging plan, tell you more about your ideal client and the problems they are facing – just about anything! The secret to Chat GPT is what you put into it and the types of questions you ask to get the best results. The more you tell it about your business the better it can help you. What I would say though, is if you are using it to write your content use that as a base and re write in your own words, as AI generated content is getting easily spotted and can be very similar to someone else’s who has asked it a similar question. So remember to always stand out and make things more unique to you. But there is so much more! You can use it as a chat or support for your clients that have questions, it can create images and videos, write you code for your website or even create you a whole website layout. There is also a website called Future Tools that can help you find the right AI tool for you, whether you want content creation, video editing, research or even just for fun:

A lot of these tools are free so go ahead and have a play, a few of them also offer free trials and if you want to know more about what is AI and how you can use it in your business then let’s have a chat or feel free to join us over in The Tech Tavern!