Website WOW Week

Plan your website success strategy; boost sales by converting your website visitors into paying clients!

Starts 6th February!

What you’ll learn in Website WOW Week

Ideal Client – Get clear on your business, services and who you are talking to. When you are crystal clear on what you have to offer and who it’s for that’s when the magic happens!

Give your website a mission; your website strategy will focus on getting your website visitors to become your clients. By getting clear on what you want your visitors to do you’ll know how to map your website.

Putting together your customer journey; so that if some of your visitors aren’t ready to buy yet (hint: most people who visit your site won’t be!) you can virtually hold their hand and guide them around your website giving them more of what they need to make a decision.

Industry and layout research to WOW your target audience. First impressions last and most visitors will base their opinions on what they see in the first thirty seconds so you want to start them off on the right foot!

Website Do’s and Don’ts or how to make things super easy for your visitors to buy and how to not put them off! You do want them to buy from you right?

Discover your next steps so that you can put all that you’ve learnt and planned out above together to create the most amazing website success strategy.

 Website WOW Week will work:


Step 1: Sign up for free below

Step 2: Join the pop up Facebook Group and introduce yourself and your business

Step 3: Complete the pre work tasks during Website WOW Week, which runs from the 6th to the 10th February 

Step 4: Attend the 90 minute masterclass on 10th February at 11am (will be recorded)

Step 5: Put everything together in your pretty planning workbook!

Step 6: Start your kick ass website!


BONUS Q&A: If you attend live you can join the 30 minute Q&A session after the masterclass that will be available ONLY to those who attend live. The recording of this will only be sent to those of you who attend live! This part of the Masterclass is a super powerful opportunity to speak to me and get your questions answered ON THE DAY.  

BONUS VIDEOS: Access to previous related masterclasses, that will be uploaded into the Facebook group and available to view whilst the group is open. Includes Ideal Client workshop with Clair Stevenson, How to add personality to your brand with Lauren Deakin and 10 ways to convert clients on your website with Website Wonder Woman (me!) which includes notes and a checklist. 

BONUS SESSION: I will choose 2 people at random to either go through their Website Success Strategy OR audit their current website live in the group –  This is YOUR chance to get a personalised strategy and start increasing your website conversions IMMEDIATELY. This will be done during the live masterclass, so you must attend for your site or plan to be reviewed.


Go from website shame to website fame with a goal focused website and get your website working for you in your business, bringing you in more leads, clients and money!


What’s not to love?

I’m Lisa, your Website Wonder Woman. Over the last 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of women get online and grow their businesses. I am passionate about helping coaches, consultants and service based businesses make the most out of their website by ensuring their website not only WOW’s but Wins them more clients and Works as part of their business and marketing strategy.

I created my first website back in 2007 and since then have done everything from website creation and hourly support to teaching women how to create their own websites as well as helping them put together a Website Success Strategy to really get their website working not just for them but for their potential clients – as that’s what it’s there for!