Website Success Strategy Sessions

Does your website WOW your potential clients and bring money into your business?

There’s no point in wasting both money and time on a website that just sits there not earning you anything in your business, or at least not playing a certain part or role.

It’s just not enough these days to create a website that sits there, looking pretty but actually spending your time (and money if necessary) developing a website strategy that makes the time and money you spend creating a website (or having someone do it for you) all worth while.

You need to WOW your ideal clients

You need to guide them around your website, telling them what to do next, building up their trust of you and all of the time making them want more of what you are selling

You need the website to work for both you and them (earning you money and making them happy with your service)

You need to give them an experience of how amazing it will be working with you

Basically you need to win them over, so they completely love you and are biting your hand off to sell them something!

THEN your website has completed the job you set out for it to do.

Where does your website sit in your overall business strategy?

Is it acting as an employee and bringing you in money?

Or is it sat on a dusty internet shelf doing nothing?

What do we cover in the Website Success Strategy Session?

Branding, layouts, calls to action

Website mission & customer journey

SEO and Google Analytics

Navigation and ease of use

Website legislation and policies

Business & Industry related extras

,How it works:

Once your initial 60 minute session is booked you will be sent a pre questionnaire, so we can gather details and start creating my report before our call (so we can spend that time focusing on the good stuff!)

60 Minute Strategy Session with me via Zoom on your chosen date.

After the call you will be sent a written strategy report within 2 working days and a link to book a 30 minute follow up one month later to see how you have been implementing the strategy and any tweaks we need to make.

We cannot guarantee that you will see massive results after one month but over time you should see an improvement if you follow the plan.