Praise for Website Wonder Woman

Praise for Website Wonder Woman

I followed Lisa’s website in a week tutorials and they were really clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately my technical abilities did not match my ambitions and I handed the whole thing over the Lisa. Thank god I did. Lisa was brilliant, she found out exactly what I wanted, what my business was and what I wanted the website to do and she made all the tweaks and changes I asked. You couldn’t ask for a more responsive service or better value for money! 

Clair Stevenson

Owner, Upwrite Online

I have been working with Lisa for a couple of years now. She saved me after a very bad experience with a website designer and has given me unfaltering support since then. As well as looking after my overall website, she has helped me to build a membership structure on the site and a business directory and all the integration that goes with this. She is professional, friendly and nothing is too much trouble for her. She always comes up with a solution to a problem. I would highly recommend her to anybody that needs a new website or is thinking of setting up a membership for their business.

Amanda Ayres

Owner, The Business Girls Network

It wasn’t until I’d worked with Lisa that I realised just how much I needed someone like her in my life! She has a fantastic no-nonsense approach to web design and is super supportive of women in business. She totally understands the struggles and jugging we have to do to get a business idea off the ground and as a result she offers affordable web design with a flexible approach. Whenever I chat to anyone starting a business she is the first person I recommend! Lisa helped me re-build my Maidenhead Mum blog and via her training and support I’m now in the process of building my own website for my freelance digital marketing services. I would encourage anyone to join her free Website Wonder Woman facebook group as a starting point, and then to upgrade to the VIP group for extra learning and support.

Jodie Humphries

Owner, Maidenhead Mum

Honestly cannot thank Lisa enough ! After months of struggling alone with my website and banging my head against a wall, I decided to get some help and found Lisa through recommendation. I joined the members club and also booked in some 1-1 tuition with her. I can’t believe I struggled for so long ! Lisa’s knowledge is amazing, absolutely anything I was stuck with – she knew the answer to. The VIP club is fantastic for support and I highly recommend to anyone ! Lisa is incredibly helpful, professional and friendly. I now have a lovely website, which I absolutely love, thanks to all her help. The upside is I now understand so much more about how to use my website, so I can make any changes in future myself thanks to all the training and tutorials in the VIP membership, so I don’t need to depend on anyone again. Thanks Lisa, you’ve actually saved my sanity !

Sam Telford

Owner, Vintage Garden Spa

Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with!! After being quoted ridiculous prices for a new website, I contacted Lisa and she was like a breath of fresh air, she quickly demystified all of the jargon that had been thrown at me and explained things clearly and in a way that I could understand (I’m a bit of a technophobe).

She has been there every step of the way holding my hand and calming me with her lovely welsh voice and sorting out problems with my domain that would have overwhelmed a lesser person.

I am absolutely delighted with my new website, it’s beautiful and everything works wonderfully well…..I love it!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone looking for anything to do with their website, she’s a real gem!! Thank you Lisa xx

Yvonne Bruce

Owner, The Holistic Hub For Women

I moved my website over to be hosted with Lisa Marie Rees last week and have to say for something that I expected to be full of issues and problems, has been quite the opposite. I changed the domain name at the same time which Lisa handled perfectly well. I was told by my original hosting people that I couldn’t do it and would have to buy the domain and just redirect that to the original website. I needed a mobile friendly website and again was told they couldn’t do it for me. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lisa and I am so glad I made the decision to move everything over to her professional service.

Jackie Frith

Owner, Jackie Frith

I started to build my first ever website in January 2016 with no experience at all, by February 2016 I quickly realised the hosting site was not right for me. I am on a Facebook group and had a melt down on there. I was so down as all my hard work was down the drain. Lisa commented, she was like a guardian angel.

Lisa befriending me on Facebook she reassured me she could help. I was so relieved and shocked that someone was prepared to help a damsel in distress. I explained to Lisa my financial situation and she could still help! Utter shock, someone I didn’t know was trusting me enough to help me, even when my payday wasn’t due. I was and still am overwhelmed by her lovely nature, her amazing skills and most of all professionalism.

She and I worked together to build a new website in only 2 days! Since them Lisa has been on hand day and night to assist me with my complex questions and those questions we think are stupid she is more than happy to answer with the reassurance of no question is stupid. I’ve made a real friend in Lisa and would recommend her to anyone for business advice. I will continue to use Lisa’s services as long as I run a website.

Thank you Lisa for helping make my dreams a reality.

Emma Connell

Owner, Cara Lou Cuts

Lisa created my whole website for me and took away a lot of the stress that goes into creating a site from scratch. I highly recommend Lisa if you want a website that looks good, but also if you want someone who is great to work with and who can listen, interpret and convert the vision you have into reality. She is really responsive, turns things around quickly and has plenty of ideas too.

I would definitely use Lisa again and trust her to do a good job.

Malini Thakerar

Owner, Trailblazing Mums

Lisa, simply took what I had in my mind and created a beautiful website. My first preview was amazing, I could not believe she “got me”, Thank you so much Lisa, A website is everything for a growing business and My new website has a huge personality which is exactly what I wanted!!

Sophie Hill

Owner, Sophie Hill Estate Agents

I had an hour Zoom training session with Lisa and she showed me around the backend of my website and explained to me in plain English about SEO and what points were affecting my website and what I needed to change. I found the whole session really informative. Lisa now deals with the hosting and maintenance of my Links2Leads website. Lovely and friendly person to work with – highly recommended.

Rachel Tombs

Owner, Links 2 Leads

Lisa has recently helped me launch 5 online courses and what can I say other than she’s been amazing. Lisa has supported my website for the past 2-3 years and so I am confident that I can highly recommend her and her work. I have never launched an online course before and in a matter of days we’ve hosted and launched 5 courses. Lisa is always on hand to answer questions and most def. goes the extra mile working the hours needed to deliver the project (and is great at dealing with picky clients, who want it everything to look and work perfectly!). She has an amazing can-do attitude – always finding a solution to any problem we come up against. I cannot recommend Lisa enough!

Laura Evans

Owner, Unleash Your Potential

I can’t praise Lisa enough. She is friendly, helpful, makes all the techi stuff understandable. Most of all she really is Wonder Woman and so fast at replying and sorting any issues I need help with. So glad I found her.

Amanda Tooke

Owner, The Angel Mystic

I engaged with Lisa to find out the best way to build my website. After a no obligation chat on the phone, I decided to opt for the Express package as I had some previous experience.

Lisa is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Nothing is too much trouble and she is always happy to assist when the need arises.

Highly recommended!

Karen Rosser

Owner, Inspire My Soul

Lisa is a truly lovely lady and nothing is too much trouble. She listens to exactly what you want and then creates you a beautiful website. I highly recommend Lisa and her website talent

Helen Cameron

Owner, Helen Cameron

Amazing and worth every penny! Lisa was able to set me up with the foundations for a great website which I’m trying my best to build upon. I’ve come a long way already with Lisa’s help. In just a week I’ve got images and text flying all over my site looking all fancy with a pop up from mail chimp asking for subscribers.
I’m enjoying every moment of learning how to improve my site and Lisa has just been so helpful, kind and understanding with every enquiry I have (and I’ve had them lol).
I highly recommend 

Heather Conway

Owner, Beauty Online UK

Recently I engaged Lisa to work her magic on my website with a website makeover. I was delighted with the price and we hit it off on our initial call. We worked through my ideas and she supported me to bring it to life – it was a case of I knew roughly what I wanted, but it was hard to articulate, and as we worked together things got clearer. Lisa totally got what I was after and worked with me to bring it to life. I’d completely recommend lisa to anyone looking for a web designer – thanks Lisa!!!

Laura Evans

Owner, Unleash Your Potential

Working with Lisa has been a breeze and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again.

She listened and understood what I was looking for from my website and guided me where I needed it most.
Top job, well done Lisa and thank you.
Jenny Holden

Owner, Chorus Comms

I am so pleased with the website Lisa created for me. From start to finish she was really easy to work with, using her knowledge and experience to build a creative website. I have had no hesitation in recommending friends to her (which I don’t do lightly!)

Caroline Drake

Owner, Grow With Blossom

Thank you so, so much Lisa for saving my life when my old website crashed and burned! It was a complete nightmare especially right in the middle of launching a new membership round and god knows what else! Not only are you very professional, you were also extremely patient with me as I am a complete techno donkey! So, thank you! And if any of you are sitting on the fence about getting a new website done, choose Lisa!

Amanda Ayres

Owner, The Business Girls Network

Lisa’s support and knowledge has been invaluable whilst we have worked together in setting up my new online programme. She is very patient and takes everything step by step. I would highly recommend Lisa to any women in business who needs that extra support.

Cassie Farren

Owner, Cassie Farren

Have just worked with Lisa on creating a more customer friendly website and a website easy for myself to understand. She helped me through the process of moving from to a site as I had mistakenly joined the wrong one.

Highly recommended and she is very patient and knowledgeable in this field. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Elizabeth Stillwagon

Owner, Yankee Bakes

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