Get Your Online Course Out of Your Head and onto Your Website

You already give so much value to your clients and work so hard to provide each of them with a unique and valuable experience. The problem is that delivering your service on a 1-2-1 or even group basis can be exhausting, it’s simply an  inefficient use of your time. You might love working with your clients this way but the truth is it is a limiting business model, you are restricting the amount of people you can reach, the impact you can have on the world and just as crucially, the money you can earn. So why not transform the content you already have at your fingertips into a powerful online course that can reach a whole new audience. This allows you to give people that can’t afford your more personal programs a taste of your high end offering. It allows you to serve more people when all the hours in the day have run out. It allows you to create something once but sell it again and again and again; the perfect passive income.

The benefits of transforming your content into an online course include;

  • Selling your content at an affordable price so that more people can access it
  • Not having to do any further work once the course has been created
  • Selling the same content multiple times
  • Creating a passive income stream
  • Having a bigger impact on the world
  • Build trust with a new audience, allow them to get an insight into your work
  • Upsell to those who want extra support through 1-2-1 or group packages
  • Build a strong community of followers who can refer others to the course

Your Online course belongs on YOUR website

Online courses are big business now and as a result there are many platforms that have sprung up over the past decade to provide a space for your online course to be accessed and managed. Although some of these have flashy features, there isn’t anything that they provide that cannot be incorporated into your website, where you will be free from limitations, fees and the restrictions of these platforms. Your website is your online space, you are in control of it, it has your branding and delivers your message. When people come to your website they should be able to see you and your business and everything you have to offer. This is why using your website to sell and deliver your course uplevels your site, giving your business the authority it  deserves.  

Don’t let the tech hold you and your online course back

What stops a lot of people in their tracks is the tech side of putting an online course onto their website, this block can even keep a valuable course stuck in your head but it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Allow me to take this pressure off your shoulders so you can  put your time and energy into creating a course that will change lives.

The Website Wonder Woman online course site includes;

  • Online course software installed for you
  • A sales page to convert visitors into paying customers and consumers of your course
  • A profile page for each customer that allows them to see what they have bought and have access to
  • An exclusive course page with an additional 10 pages for you to add your lessons/topics to  
  • Additional lessons added for you at a reduced cost

All you need is…

  • Course Content – your responsibility is simply to collate your existing content into an online course format – this is usually presented through videos and workbooks
  • Copy for your sales page – if you are stuck with then get in touch with the amazing Lisa Barry Online who would love to help you out!

Ongoing support

For continuous technical support, upgrade to my Monthly Maintenance Plan, leaving you completely free and with plenty of time to take over the world, one online course at a time.  

 And the cost is: £400

Please note that this product is an add on product for an already owned website, created with If you do not have a website yet or wish to move to a WordPress site then please check out my Web Design packages.