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How you can add the new Google Tag to your website

Did you receive this email?

Google sent out this email to pretty much everyone. A few of you are confused so we thought it best to send you an email to let you know what it means and how you can update your Google Analytics Tag

It’s worth noting that if you have Google Tag Manager you DO NOT need to do this!

Google Analytics uses tags to track data- this is now changing from a ‘universal’ one to a ‘global’ one.

Just follow these instructions in order to add the new Google Tag to your website.

First, check your Plugins- you will need the GA Google Analytics plugin. We found this to be the easiest method!

You will need to access your Google Analytics account to find the code. It starts with UA and is usually under your business name.

Once the Plugin is installed, click Activate, then Settings, and click on ‘Plugin Settings’

Then enter your code.

(If you already have this Plugin just click on the Plugin settings and change the Tracking Method from Universal to Global.)

Make sure the Global settings are ticked.

And that’s it! 

Make sure to click Save at the bottom. 

Hope it helps!

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