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Do I need a website for my business?

It’s a question I get asked all the time, “do I need a website?”

And my answer is never the same, the reason being is that every single situation is different, every business is different and every person and how they run their business is different.

So why would there be just one answer?

Do I need a website? People sat with laptops planning their websites

But there is an answer and the answer is within you not me.

Now that’s not meant to sound spiritual or woo woo in any way.

Let me explain, websites are a marketing tool, they have a purpose. That purpose will totally depend on what you need it to do in your business.

A website without a purpose or goal is often completely pointless.

It’s like hiring a staff member because you think you should or someone tells you to. You pay them, you train them but you don’t actually have any work for them to do or see how they could be of any benefit to your business.

So if you came to me and said “do I need a website?’ then my answer to you would be why do you think you need a website?

Now, if you answered me and said well I want to automate my buying process, I want to collect more leads, I want more people to be able to book a call with me and so on and you think a website would help you do that then I would say yes you most likely need a website and we can have a further conversation about how we can make that happen.

But if you said I don’t really know, I’ve heard you should have one or my husband (or any such person) said I should then I’d need to delve more into your business, how you currently provide services, how you market your business and if a website would effectively enhance this.

But for some people it’s a big no straight off,. It could be you are just starting out and you are maybe running a beauty business or a local cake making business. Your main priority then would be to get people through those doors. You don’t need a website to do that, you need local advertising, social media and a Google profile.

Further down the line, we may have the chat again and it may be your local business is a plumber or another trades person and for credibility and trust a website is something potential clients would look for.

So, that again would be another conversation.

Like I said there is no one answer to “do I need a website?”

It’s usually another series of questions and a good ole chat and then once we do and if you decide a website IS for you then come all the other questions such as do you want to do it yourself, do you want us to do it for you, what features do you need…

But it all starts with a chat 🙂