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Buying a domain name

Without a domain name you don’t have a website.

Domain names are the website address of your business website and usually end in .com .co.uk .au .info and a whole host of others.

So how do you get one?

All you need to do is go to a domain name provider and purchase one. Yup, it’s that simple!

Before you do this, however, I recommend coming up with what you are going to call your website. This is usually your business name or your name. You can also add any other describing words to this name, but don’t make it too long as prospective clients need to remember it.

For example, I used to own a website and my business name was Pink Heaven, on that site I wrote about all kinds of party ideas so I named the site Pink Heaven Party Ideas so people had more of an idea what it was about (it also helps Google as well!)

You then need to choose a Top Level Domain or TLD (this is your .com etc.) there are so many available now you can even have one that will match your business such as .photography.

Once you have chosen a name you need to find out if someone already has it. Typing it in in Google doesn’t really cut it as someone may have bought the domain name but not used it as a website yet. Instead I recommend using who.is it’s free and will check if anyone own the domain name you want. If they do own it, you will need to make some changes such as using a different name, adding or taking away a word or using a different TLD.

Then, with your name and the knowledge that no one owns it proceed to GoDaddy, Bluehost, 123 Reg or any domain name provider and you can usually purchase your domain for under £10 by simply following their instructions!

And you’re done!

If you get stuck then just contact me or post a question in the Website Wonder Woman group.

Here’s a little video to show you how it’s done that also includes showing you how to check if your chosen name is available to buy as a domain and on social media sites. 🙂