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5 Tips for Writing Catchy Titles for Blog Posts

Are your blog posts not converting as well as you’d like them to? Do you want to know the secrets of how to write a good blog post that converts? Then start by looking at your blog post title.

Your headline is the first thing your readers see when they land on your blog. Make a great first impression with your blog title and the reader stays, make a bad one and they bounce. 

It’s as simple as that!

So how do you take your headline strategy from boring to thrilling and learn how to write eye-catching titles for blog posts?

Easy, just keep reading…

In this article, I’m going to share some of my top tips to write a blog post headline that’ll excite and entice your viewers to keep reading on.

1. Know Your Audience

Get to know who your customers are and write directly to them!

Every successful book speaks directly to readers’ pains, problems, and needs. The same goes for every successful blog post.

You’re writing for a specific group of people, and you’re battling with a million other things for their attention and time.

Your blog post title needs to provide value to the reader, understand who they are and be the solution to their problem.

2. Use Compelling Words in Your Blog Headline

When writing catchy blog titles, always try to use compelling words. Use numbers to convey value. Replace overused adjectives with descriptive words that help you stand out and say something unique. Ask questions, include calls to action, and try using strong language that gets attention.

  • 10 ways to xxx
  • Skyrocket your sales by xxx
  • Drastically reduce your xxx
  • Instantly reduce your in xxx
  • The ultimate guide to xxx
  • How to xxx 

Creating attention grabbing headlines for each piece of content doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. If you need some with some blog title ideas help try using one of these examples of catchy headlines for blogs.  By using the following 50 formulas you can create your own catchy headlines in no time.

3. Keep Your Blog Titles Short

Keep your titles for blog posts should be short and sweet yet completely unique. In most cases, headlines under 55 characters and around six words tend to perform best on all accounts.

4. For In-Depth Blog Posts Make Them Sound Epic

When you’re writing a really long blog, I’m talking thousands of words here, like a cornerstone SEO piece then your headline needs to reflect this.

Don’t let the size of this article get lost, make the blog headline emphasise how much content is here, use phrases like…

  • The Ultimate Guide 
  • The Beginners Guide 
  • X 101 (for example, SEO Training 101)

When you call your post the ultimate guide, your audience will understand that this is a chunky post that will go in-depth on one topic. It’s definitely an appealing post title, particularly for those who are ready to learn. 

5. Optimise Your Headline for SEO

If the aim of your blog post is to bring in website traffic, then you’ll want to optimise your blog title for SEO by including your keyword or keyword phrase within it.

And if you don’t know what keywords your readers are using then do some keyword research so you’ll know exactly what your audience is typing into search engines. 

Once you know that, you’ll know what words or phrases you need to include in your blog post title. 

Here are my top keyword research tools I use to understand what my readers are searching for.

Write Better Titles for Your Blog Posts and Engage More Readers

The best blog headlines convince your readers to stay. Of course, you have to follow up with amazing copy that converts, but that’s a topic for another post!

Blog titles shouldn’t come as an afterthought to you, so don’t leave them until last. Remember, they are your only chance at making a good first impression on future customers or clients.

So, don’t let tedious titles for your blog posts drive your readers away. With these five helpful tips and 55 attention-getting blog title formulas, you can easily take your headline strategy to the next level.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how to write great bog titles for your website and good luck writing your next blog post title.

Written by Limarah Crathorne, Customer Experience & Website Conversion Expert 

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