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21 ways to find new clients to grow your business

21 ways to find new clients to
grow your business

Are you struggling on where to find new clients? Run out of places to look? Or don’t have a budget to spend on getting leads?

We all want to get more of our ideal clients – people who are enthusiastic about working with us and respect what we do. 

But where do you find new clients for your business?

Here are my top 21 places to find new clients that I share with people who work with me.


How to Find New Clients Through People You Know: 


  1. YOUR FAMILY: As I like to say to my clients and community online: Your network is your net-worth! So with that in mind: Do any of your family members have a spouse, friend or colleague who they could introduce you to? 


  1. YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS: The same as above. 


  1. EX-COLLEAGUES AND MANAGERS: For example I spoke to my ex-director recently and he gave me an introduction for a speaking opportunity. 


How to Find New Clients on Social Media: 


  1. LINKEDIN: Who are you connected to? Are they your ideal client OR are they connected to someone who is who they can introduce you to (you can do this via LinkedIn messaging)?


  1. TWITTER: Twitter is a great place to easily interact with your dream clients and busy people are much more likely to reply to a tweet than a DM. Use relevant hashtags to get seen and find people. 


  1. TWITTER CHATS: Are a good way to interact with your ideal clients – search for industry relevant Twitter chats or start your own! 


  1. INSTAGRAM: Is another great platform for finding clients – for certain industries DM’ing businesses with a good pitch can work. 


  1. YOUTUBE: Is a great place to build an audience of ideal clients. Utilise keywords to skyrocket your results. 


  1. PINTEREST: Is a good platform for utilising SEO and driving traffic to your website/blog. 


  1. FACEBOOK: Is there someone on FB who always likes and comments on your posts or videos that you have never reached out to?


  1. FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE: If you have a FB biz page, check if you have connected with EVERYONE who likes your page? If not, you are missing a trick! They are very likely to be your ideal clients! Why else would they like your page?


  1. ONLINE COMMUNITIES: Do you have an online community? Have you personally contacted EVERYONE in there? If not you have not exhausted all your potential leads! Go and introduce yourself to the ones you’ve never spoken to. I personally also like to check in with people I haven’t heard from in a while.


Participating in Online Discussion to Get New Clients: 


  1. FB GROUPS: It’s so easy to find people who are needing help, FB groups for example are great for this. You can search for ‘keywords’ in the search box (for example ‘sales’ or ‘mindset’) and find people that you could help. 


  1. QUORA: Is also another great site for this. Answer questions and make sure you link back to your page/site/blog. There are so many different questions asked every day and I’m sure you can find your set of posts where you can give value and get people to move over to your own platform. 


  1. BLOGS/ONLINE FORUMS: These can be great for finding leads. For example mumsnet.com in the UK is full of mums online talking about their issues. This is an ideal place to be if you sell to mums (or your country equivalent). My tip is to join forums where your ICA is going for a hobby/interest – think outside the box! 


  1. MEETUP.COM: Is an amazing place to find your dream clients! Have you heard of it? Join a Meet-up or start your own! 


In Person Networking to Look for New Clients: 


  1. LOCAL MEETUPS: are a great place to meet your ideal clients. Search your local area site to see upcoming events close to you. Try meetup.com.


  1. EVENTS: Organised events are great for getting in front of your ideal clients, you can use eventbrite.co.uk to find local events and search for national and global events specific to your industry. 


  1. YOUR CHURCH: Have you spoken to them about your biz? There may be people there who can help you. 


  1. YOUR CHILDREN’S SCHOOL: Have you mentioned your biz to other  parents? They may have a spouse or friend who could be your ideal client! Why not start a biz coffee morning for the parents to see how you can support each other? 


  1. CURRENT AND PREVIOUS CLIENTS: People often forget this! Have you reached out to see if they know anyone you can help or they could introduce you to? Do you have a referral scheme to encourage this? Have you checked if they may wish to hire you again?!


As you can see once you start looking closer, there are leads and potential clients EVERYWHERE! You just need to get really good at: 


  1. Constantly be looking for opportunities everywhere you are/go. 
  1. Being consistent and relentless in building your list (your ‘sales pipeline’) of people you can help! 
  1. Having a drive and enthusiasm to keep going (GRIT!!!)


And lastly, don’t forget to ask your current clients for a referral. Recommendations still remain the most credible form of advertising, with 83% of people saying they trust the recommendations of friends.

So… what are you waiting for? I hope this list was helpful and brought you one step – if not several steps – closer to finding those new clients of yours!

Jade Jemma, Sales Strategist, London

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About the Author

Jade Jemma is a sought after sales growth expert and speaker based in London, UK.

Through her private mentoring, group programs and online courses Jade helps freedom-focused entrepreneurs to simplify and accelerate their sales growth so that they can create their ultimate freedom lifestyle.