WordPress & Wine Night

Is this you?

Fed up of spending hours, even days, trying to figure out how to do what should be a simple task on your website

Find yourself saying “I hate tech”

Feel so frustrated at all the tech things you need to learn that you want to throw your laptop out of the window!

Have so many things to do on your website you don’t know where to start

Imagine if:

There was an easier way

  • Where you could spend two hours with me and edit a page, add a pop up, create a sales page, set up a payment system, create an email automation, set up a blog or whatever it is on your website to do list that you keep putting off as the tech is holding you back.
  • Stop wasting precious time and letting tech hold you back in your business.

The solution

What’s difficult for you is easy for me so let me teach you how to get it done in a simple and less stressful way, in minutes rather than hours!

Join me at my WordPress and Wine Evening happening via Zoom on Thursday 2nd December at 7pm.

What you get:

2 hours with me via Zoom, in a group session where you can come armed with a list of questions and I can spend the evening walking you through them. Feel free to share your screen and I can guide you through getting it done, so you don’t just learn new skills you feel more confident using them. You also get a recording of the session so you can be reminded of what we have covered.

Payment Plan

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I had a few website issues that I needed resolving recently and took Lisa up on her hour 121.
I really wasn’t expecting to get as far as we did during the hour and I definitely didn’t think that I’d be able to do it myself.
With Lisa’s guiding hand and expert knowledge we were able to solve all of my technical issues with sales funnels as well as creating a mini course and connecting it to my payment system.
What can I say, she definitely deserves the title “Website Wonder Woman”