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Welcome to 60 Days to Website Success


In this course you have access to everything you need to create a successful website within 60 days

The course is locked, so you will be unable to progress until you complete each days module. The reason for this is that the course is structured in this way to help you create a successful website, if you skip steps there will be things you won’t understand or it could be a vital step needed to be able to progress

The first 8 days are planning days. DO NOT SKIP THIS as this is ESSENTIAL to the success of your website and is the base of everything we do for the rest of the course

You can download your planning workbook below, along with a checklist of tasks.

All other resources will be in the relevant days.

Support for this course is through The Tech Tavern Paid Membership, there is no other support. If you missed the offer of 60 days free please email and you are able to claim this offer up to 7 days after your purchase date.